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Mountains. Friends. Jesus. 

Camp season begins in...


Camp for Junior Highers. Wild. Weird. What more could you ask for? 

June 17 – 21
June 24 – 28

Kids Camp

A week to make friends, learn about Jesus, and eat food. And maybe make a mess or two...

July 8 – 11
July 15 – 18

HSM Camp

Get signed up for one of the best weeks of your summer.
Or at least one of the weeks of your summer...I mean, there was food last year, so...

July 22 – 26
July 29 – August 2

Kids Early Bird

$ 224 through May 19
  • Early Bird pricing for
    Kids Camp
  • Ends May 19

Kids Standard

$ 239 begins May 20
  • Standard price for 
    Kids Camp
  • Registration Deadline June 23

Students Early Bird

$ 239 through May 19
  • Early Bird pricing for Junior High and High School Camps
  • Ends May 19

Student Standard

$ 279 begins May 20
  • Standard pricing for Junior High and High School Camps
  • Junior High
    Registration Deadline
    June 9

  • High School
    Registration Deadline
    July 14


Because it's the Best. Week. Ever. Worst case scenario – it's just a normal week out in the mountains. Still not a bad week...

Yes. It's a week to focus on getting away and building your relationship with God and others. There's literally something for everyone. 

Go to camp. If you're not a student...
Lead at camp. If you can't lead...
Serve at camp. If you can't serve...
Give to camp. If you can't give...
Pray for camp.

Early Bird Pricing is available through May 19. After that, price will return to standard cost. 

Camp on the Boulder is located outside of McLeod, MT. Nestled in the Boulder Valley, it's a place surrounded by natural beauty. 

Drop off and pick up information is available on the registration pages of the camps. All drop offs and pick ups happen at:
Faith Chapel
517 Shiloh Rd
Billings, MT 59106

Serve at Camp

Help make camp the best it can be for students! 

Camp on the Boulder


Camp on the Boulder
3916 Boulder Rd
McLeod, MT, 59052