It’s a response.
It’s a movement.
It’s a year-round initiative to think and act beyond our- selves.

We have enough. Americans plan to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on Christmas this year, and as a community of people, we’ve chosen to say, “we have enough” and respond to a consumer-driven culture through giving gifts that literally change lives.

In the gifts below, and in the catalog, you’ll see invitations to be a part of something bigger than wrapping paper and lights hanging from trees. Increase Christmas is an opportunity to expand our view of Christmas to include those who have real physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and see how we can do more than the status quo. Let’s make a difference together!

During the weekend services on December 15 & 16, we will celebrate with a special offering to Increase Christmas for those in need in our community and around the world.

The tag in the banner designates where the gift will go. Local gifts are marked green.

• Select the gifts you want to give. Click on the gifts to see more info.
• Proceed to checkout.
• Print web receipt and bring it with you to the special offering during services on December 15 & 16.
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