Pick Your Service

As we begin modified in-person gatherings, please pick your service below to help everyone plan and prepare.

What to Expect

This is going to look different. We've all been experiencing "different" for the last several months, and things will continue to be different for the foreseeable future. In the midst of this we are doing everything we can to help people follow Jesus, be transformed by Jesus, and be on mission with Jesus.

If you don't feel comfortable coming back yet, that's okay! You can expect the same church online experience next week and moving forward. Some of you have joined from around the country, and around the world, and we are so glad to have you! We are excited to be the church no matter what "gathering" looks like.

This is not a reservation system, and this does not guarantee a seat in the Main Worship Center, but what it does is help everyone set expectations. We will be functioning at a limited capacity and this will help everyone plan accordingly. Please use this and adjust as needed.

We also ask for grace as we implement this – we're still learning and growing as well.

Having trouble?

If you have any trouble, please email info@faithchapel.cc and we'd be happy to help!


What is Faith Chapel doing to prepare for in-person services?

Please know we are committed to protecting your health and safety and remain vigilant in making the necessary preparations. Thank you for remaining prayerful, faithful, and flexible in these times.

Preparations include:

  • Limited seating | To ensure adequate physical distancing, we are limiting the number of people in the Main Worship Center to 600 at one time (includes main floor and balcony). Every other row will be closed and at least three seats will be left open between each household unit. 
  • Increased cleaning | Portions of the building, specifically worship areas and high-traffic areas, are thoroughly sanitized before, between, and after services.
  • Masks | As per the Governor's directive, mask or face covering use required for ages five and older. Please bring your own face covering. If you don't have one, there will be a limited supply available.
  • Hand sanitizer stations | Stations with hand sanitizers are provided throughout the church. Hand washing is proven to be more effective, so please don't substitute hand sanitizer for regular and thorough hand washing.
  • Physical distancing (six-foot requirement) | Proper physical distancing will be adhered to in service for your protection. Please follow distancing requirements throughout the building. Gather outside the church if you are comfortable to do so in the open air.
  • Touchless environment | No bulletins or other items will be handed out to congregants and offering bags will not be passed during service. Shared Bibles (if you need one, we have one we would love to give you!), pens, notepads, and all other informational items have been removed. All internal church doors will remain open and drinking fountains will be turned off.

What about the offering?

In order to provide a “touchless environment” offering bags will not be passed. Other giving methods are available, however, including dropping a check/cash in the offering box as you exit the Worship Center, dropping check/cash off at Welcome Center, and online at faithchapel.cc/give

What about Kids Ministry?


To keep kids, volunteers, and classrooms as safe and sanitary as possible, we have slightly changed where kids will be meeting. 

  • Nursery: Zoobilee (Regular)
  • 2's: Zoobilee (Walkers)
  • 3’s/4’s/5’s: Power Plant (Regular)
  • K-3rd: Warehouse
  • 4th/5th: The Annex (Regular)


Classrooms will be wiped down and cleaned between services. All toys will be taken away after each service and replaced with fresh toys. Toys will be thoroughly cleaned during the week. 


Volunteers have been asked health screening questions and will be provided sanitizer in each classroom and trained in cleaning procedures.

Church Online
No matter what gathering looks like, you are the church wherever you gather! Join Faith Chapel Online!
Church Online
No matter what gathering looks like, you are the church wherever you gather! Join Faith Chapel Online!