At Faith Chapel, we believe Growing People Change and one of the ways that we see growth is through doing life with other people in a similar stage of life as you. 

Through small group environments, weekly ministries, and large group gatherings, this is your one-stop shop to find a way to connect and grow. 

Kids + Students

From infants to graduating seniors, there are environments to help the upcoming generations grow in friendships as they learn what it looks like to follow Jesus. 

Young Adults + Men's + Women's

As we all enter specific seasons of life, it's crucial to share wisdom with one another and carry one another's burdens. Through Young Adults and Men's and Women's ministries, there are people in a similar stage of life as you to learn, grow, and share life with. 

Small Groups + Missions + Equipping

Our core value of We Grow Better Together is based on the belief that we were all created for community, so small groups help us live life as God intended. Through Missions, we live out our core values of Saved People Serve People and God Is Generous, So We Are Too. Through opportunities under Equipping you can dig deeper into what it means to be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of Jesus.

Family Life + Guidance & Care + Senior

Whether it's navigating dating, marriage, or finances, Family Life ministries equip you to help some of the most integral parts of our lives honor God. And in the midst of that, we sometimes have hurts and hangups that leave us scarred, wounded, or feeling stuck (sometimes all of the above). Guidance & Care hosts many different studies and classes to help you take your best next step. And no matter what age of life you find yourself in, creating community in the middle stages of life and in the retirement seasons is crucial. Seniors Ministry hosts multiple groups to help you find people in your stage of life. 

Through digital discipleship and an online church presence, there are resources to encourage, equip & challenge, and help you create community where you are, no matter where you live.