Before Marriage Coaching

At Faith Chapel we are committed to helping every marriage begin on a firm foundation. Because of this, we require all our couples to participate in the premarital process.

Twice a year, in March and October, we offer our 6 week I DO | Before Marriage course. This is a great opportunity to join other engaged or recently married couples to cover a variety of marriage topics. You will hear from dynamic speakers as they share with you their personal marriage journeys, enjoy weekly "date-night" homework sessions and share in fun small group discussions. To register for the next class, please select the Event listed below.

As part of the I DO course, you will have the opportunity to take an online relationship assessment called SYMBIS. You will then meet with one of our trained couples, who will mentor you as you prepare for a lifelong relationship. Our mentors are couples with solid marriages who can play a vital role in the success of your own marriage as they walk alongside you through this process.

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