Israel Tour 2023
Pastor Nate has often said that everyone should experience Israel once in their lives and Faith Chapel will be embarking on another tour of Israel in April of 2023. Join Steve and Carolyn Poetzl on a 12-day, all-inclusive Israel Study Tour! Whether you're a local in Billings or join Faith Chapel online - anyone can join this trip!

God is relational and calls His people to Himself alongside others. Small groups are not a sub-ministry of Faith Chapel: they are the Church in its smallest unit. Within small groups, disciples follow Jesus, are transformed by Jesus, and are on mission with Jesus. While each Faith Chapel small group will vary because each leader and participant is uniquely created, the goals will be the same: 1. Be loved by God, 2. Love God, and 3. Love Others. Now is the time to walk towards Jesus with others in a small group!

At Faith Chapel, one of our core values is We Grow Better Together . We believe that we are meant for community and connection.FC Homes is a way for us to partner with you to bring church to your home. By inviting the people you already have relationship with, your friends, family, and neighbors, you can experience church right where you are with Faith Chapel. We are excited to partner with you to be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of Jesus – right where you are.